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"Dear SHEL, My two children attended your camp in the Easter holidays. All we would like to say is that it was GREAT!! ;) Great cost, Great activities, great environment Thank you"

Jamilah Lawrence

Athletes Avenue

In addition to our coaching and mentoring programmes General (world) Sports also offers a professional service for athletes that perform at a professional or semi professional level. We can provide help and advice with contacts to pro teams in your desired sport or physical activity, Help with contracts and negotiations and athlete development programs.

For more information on Athletes avenue please contact us.

Athletes avenue is the path to success for the worlds aspiring athletes. Whatever your age, whatever your field we can help you.

From high school and collegiate athletes to the professional, we have the links, leads and experience to help you reach your goals.

Due to our extensive experience working within sports competition and sports development worldwide we have identified an increasingly common problem that faces most aspiring athletes.

Athletes who posses the drive, ambition and focus to succeed are not being given a fair chance to reach their goals and dreams due to a lack of direction and help when choosing the right path for their career.

Most athletes desperate and hungry to succeed usually settle for a path they are given or just stumble onto. This is where the problem starts!

Every situation is not for everyone and you will not benefit fully if it does not suit your game, your personality or your background.

Why not let us help you!

At Athletes avenue (A.A) We can provide the help and guidance you need :

  • Help with finding a professional, organised club or team to develop within
  • Supply a range of training drills and equipment for your personal development
  • Offer a large choice of summer camps / workouts for you to consider
  • (GWS has its own development camps every summer for A.A members)
  • Help with choosing to study and develop your game overseas
  • Help with creating your own scouting tape and getting it into the right hands
  • Links to American high schools and Colleges / Universities
  • Links to professional European team programs
  • Help and guidance with contracts and negotiations from our GWS law team
  • Help with dealing with life after sport
  • Help to find employment in sports (coaching, Teaching etc)
  • Links to personal development resources, courses and seminars
  • General help and advice

Dont delay any further. Stop waiting for that guy or coach to get back to you regarding that promise of a promise!
Make it happen for yourself NOW.

Put yourself in a position to reach your goals and succeed.

Get on the path to success! Athletes Avenue!

Contact us now to discuss your goals and how we can help you!

Athletes Avenue is not an agency and we do not offer an agents service. All of our advice and help is provided without contract and any type of official representation.

We Just want to help!

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